In which I write a blog post…

It’s a new year (I realize it’s the end of the first month, into a new year) and I’m finally able to write the first blog post. I should have done this weeks ago but things have been crazy.

Where to begin…

Oh yeah. This book I wrote, Second Rate Chances, it released on January 11th. So my first matter of business is to thank each and every one of you who has bought/read/reviewed/told your friends about my little old book. I have been floored by the response and the great words that have been said about it. So thank you readers because it’s you that makes me want to write more.

And more you shall get.

Originally I had planned to release Risque Business in July. Plans change. While I still plan to release the story about Sawyer and Layla, they’re going to have to take a back seat to another story that I’ve been plotting for a year now. Actually, it’s not just one book I’ve been plotting but six. Call me crazy, I know. Six books? I’m insane!

Not really though. I’m really excited for this series and to dive back into writing these characters I’ve spent so much time mapping out. I think you’ll like them. I hope you’ll like them.

In one week I’ll be in the Crescent City for Mardi Gras. When I return, I’m going to get hardcore about delgating time between writing/reading/being a kick ass wife and mom/working with my fellow author friends/blogging and juggling this thing I call my 8-5 job. Until then, thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for all the wonderful love and support you’ve all shown me. Being a first time writer is hard but when you’ve got awesome readers like you around, it makes it so much easier.

OH! And Good Choice Reading is hosting the blog tour for Second Rate Chances that will run between February 25- March 8. Click for more details, especially if you’re a blogger interested in joining the tour.



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