Let the countdown begin!

I know you’re all probably thinking I’m referring to the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. Well, I guess in a sense I am but that wasn’t my intention. As we approach the end of one year, the dawn of a new one is upon us. What does that mean? Resolutions we’ll break by noon tomorrow, promises to fullfill dreams we didn’t in the previous year…

The usual.

But 2013 promises to hold dreams that are in all of our realms. We just have to make sure we see them through. And for me, one of those dreams is coming true. Second Rate Chances, my debut novel, will be released on the 10th. But that’s just the beginning. A second book will hopefully come out in late summer. A prequel to a three part series will start to take form in the coming weeks. And I’ve already planned what I’m writing for Nano 2013.

To say I’ll be busy in an understatement. But besides my goals and dreams in the publishing world, I have my family to think about as well. For 2013 I plan to be the best mom and wife I can be. The greatest sister, daughter, aunt…whatever our relation, I hope to go above and beyond for the new year.

So I say to you…

Let the countdown begin!


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