Inspiration…Where does it come from?










It drives a writers mind. It’s like brain fuel for our stories. It shows up in the most unexpected places. For me, most of my inspiration comes from hearing a song. A single line in a song can spark the idea for a novel. Over time, when I hear other songs (as the story is still percolating in my head), the story develops into something more, something I can sit down and start playing around with.

And that’s what happened with Second Rate Chances. Before long, I had a playlist with songs that inspired me to write. They drove my characters to the places they needed to go. They lead the way for me to write. That was my inspiration.

I was struck Sunday with another bout of inspiration for a three part series I’m going to write. I had the basics down, who-what-when-where, but I didn’t have the specifics down. That was until I walked into here…






And it wasn’t the clientele that sparked my flicker of inspiration. It was the smell. Have you ever walked into a western store? If not, let me explain what assaults your nose as soon as you open the door.


Well oiled leather.

It’s not like walking into a Wilson’s Leather; this is totally different. This takes me back to when I was in the seventh grade and I went through a cowgirl phase. I’m talking- wranglers (my favorite were my pink and green pairs), roper boots, western wear shirts (plaid with snap buttons of course), and leather studded belts.

Enough with the trip down memory lane (no there will not be photographic evidence)…

Regardless, I walked into Cavendars and immediatly wanted boots, hats, cute little dresses, even the Miss Me jeans- and I’m not a huge fan of studded rhinestones on my ass! Of course, to complete the look I would need one of these…











Alas, I’m married…happily I might add (even though a smoking hot cowboy could also make me happy). I guess that’s why I’m a writer. I can create a hunky cowboy. I can dream up everything that’s perfect- and imperfect- about him. I can give him a world to live in, since he can’t live in my realty.

Now that I’m side tracked from the purpose of this post, let me steer myself back on course.


I was inspired just by walking into a store and the smells that filled the air. My three part series that had been playing in my mind for a couple of months now has defined characters. It has substance. It has a beginning that I can’t wait to start.

Because I mean really? Who doesn’t love a well oiled cowboy?


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